About Dr. Donovan Colquitt

“All that you touch, You Change. All that you Change, Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change.” - Earthseed Octavia E. Butler's Parables

An author, scholar-activist, and certified househusband, Dr. Donovan discovered his love for creative writing since he started making and reciting love poems for his first and only love in the 8th grade. The poems must’ve done something because now he’s married to her. 

Shortly after earning $1.25M in college scholarships, he began working toward his long-term goal of creating a foundation to develop K-12 research and innovation centers across major cities in the United States. Donovan has earned his PhD in Engineering Education with a focus on how minoritized youth leverage STEM entrepreneurship education to build businesses to improve their communities. 

In addition, Donovan served as a founding member of the STEMedia’s STEM Success Summit, a free online experience designed to equip and empower scholars and early career professionals to launch successful and meaningful careers. Given Donovan’s experiences in research, teaching, and practice, he is committed to using radical transparency to deemphasize the power dynamic between himself and others. 

By breaking down barriers, he advocates to amplify the voices of the overlooked while challenging the perspectives of the overserved. The ultimate mission is to address complex sociotechnical issues through an interdisciplinary lens to sustain systemic change. Oh…and he loves stand-up comedy too.

Obsidian Wisdom Workshops

As a tech ethics poet, Donovan designs and facilitates generative writing workshops to cultivate more culturally sustainable ways of elucidating the cultural wealth within communities for storytelling and tech justice from an Afro-futuristic perspective. 

He draws on his academic expertise with critical interrogation of the experiences of historically minoritized communities to guide participants in co-creating narratives, fictional or nonfictional. 

Donovan welcomes writers of all levels to her workshops and no previous creative writing or poetry experience is necessary to participate.



Workshop Topics include:

Written Truths for Liberation

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