7 Lessons from Reflection on 2018

This past year has been full of exciting challenges including starting a business, leaving the workforce, and pursuing a Ph.D. Throughout this year, I have been extremely grateful for my support system and my mistakes that served as valuable learning experiences.

As we enter the New Year, here are seven lessons learned from my #reflection on the year of 2018:

1. Patience with yourself is essential. Be kind to your pace of growth and forgive your blind spots.

2. Give time to what you value in life and seek to learn new perspectives about the world.

3. Enjoy each moment as if you were sharing it with your legacy.

4. Begin with the end in mind and bring your dreams to fruition with God’s vision for your life.

5. If doubt, discomfort, and discouragement show up in your life, then it is the prime time to overcome your fears, weaknesses, and any other resistance toward achieving greatness.

6. When in doubt, remind yourself of the meaning behind your pain and the joy that will come from enduring it.

7. Embrace change to enjoy the process of growth so that you enrich every experience.


May 2019 bring even more challenges, learning opportunities, and growth for you and me!

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